Babylon's Money

By: Bertrand Comparet

Because we people are the Children of Yahweh, we want to know what our Father's will is. Then we want to live according to His will. It is no news to you that we have reached this particular point in history. We are in the end times, the last days. We are at the point where we can already see the rapid approach of the complete collapse of our civilization. 

I have no optimistic message that if we just close our eyes it will go away, it won't. We have already shut our eyes for so many generations, we are now going to have to open them and face the facts. We are at the point of the collapse and destruction of our civilization, because there is no evil being done today that we did not permit. Our leaders have betrayed us. Not the least of those, in this corrupt betrayal, have been those in the organized church system. These false clergymen have led the betrayal. 

Somebody once asked Satan, "What are you going to do when you run up against the great truth? This truth is so plain and clear, you can't refute it and you can't twist it." Satan replied, "Oh. I'll just organize it." 

This is the way it has happened. We have let Satan do the organizing and you see what we are coming to. Today we see ourselves threatened, not by one dangerous evil, but by many. They are all coming together at once, just like the spokes of a wheel. These evils start out at different points on the rim and they run in different directions. However, they all come together at the same place, at the hub. They are all part of the Babylonian system, which we were warned to get out of. "Come out of her My people, lest you be partakers of her sins and suffer your part in her plagues." 

Today I wish to teach you about Babylon's money. The enemy, the children of Satan, have tried repeatedly in the past to overcome and destroy us by force and by military attack. This has always failed because there were enough of us, true to Yahweh, that Yahweh always came to our defense and destroyed the enemy army. The enemy has learned if they can control our money system, they can enslave us more completely than they could by military force. What is more, they can make you pay the cost of your own enslavement. They don't have to spend a penny of it out of their own pockets. 

The liberals have preached to us, for a long time, that the only function of government is to tax its unfortunate citizens into such a state of destitution; they become dependant on the government for a handout, for their living. Then these destitute people can be sternly warned, unless you vote this same administration back into power, your welfare check is going to be cut down. This has been done to perpetuate our own slavery. 

The other function of the government, of maintaining peace, should be abdicated in favor of allowing riots to go on. This is because the rioters provide one of those minority groups that help to rule and keep the majority under control. One, if not the most important function of government, is issuance of money. 

All the money there was, in the original thirteen colonies, wouldn't be nearly enough to carry on the daily business of the one city of Bellflower, California in these days. As our nation expands, with more people carrying on more business, it becomes necessary to have more money in circulation. 

One of the great economists of our day, F.W. Taussig of Harvard, states the quantity theory of money in the following way. "If it is to function as money as a medium of exchange, which it is supposed to do, there must be in existence, in circulation, one dollar in money of every dollar's worth of property of any kind, capable of being purchased with money." 

If you are a homeowner, you may some day want to sell your home. However, you can't sell your home unless there is enough money, some place, with which someone can buy it from you. If you happen to be a merchant with a big, well-stocked store, you can't sell an article in it unless there is money somewhere in existence, with which a buyer may come and purchase your products. I'm sure you get the picture. 

We only have a fraction of one percent of enough money to meet this need. This has compelled us, for lack of money, to do business on bank credit, which costs us extra for interest (usury). 

I am not making a general attack upon your local banker. In allowing the Babylonian economic system to take our money issuance over, we have made the bank a necessity. If we were under the laws of Yahweh, we wouldn't need as large a police force as we need now, because there isn't enough money so people will steal to survive. We ought to be under the laws of Yahweh and then we would have economic freedom. 

I don't go around crusading to fire half the police force now. I wish we had more police, not less, as long as we insist on staying under the Babylonian system, instead of Yahweh's laws. Neither am I conducting a crusade to abolish the local banking system. This cannot be done until we set up Yahweh's economic laws in total. 

If you have a dollar in money, you can spend one hundred cents of it. But, if you have to go out and borrow the money, you can probably spend only a portion of it because you have to pay interest. Today the interest is taken out in advance before the bankers even let you have the money. This means that you can put less and less money back into circulation. This is why the laws of Yahweh forbid any interest to be charged on money. 

It is not only that your purchases are cut down, but also since you can't spend as much, the merchant can't sell as much. Because of this the merchant can't hire more employees, he can't pay more or higher wages, so this becomes a vicious circle. This is only a minor part of it. 

The local bank starts with so many millions of dollars in capital. This has been obtained by the bank selling stock or part ownership, so this is the amount of money they have to loan out. Then the depositors put their money in the bank so this adds to the lendable funds. However, the bankers have discovered, by many generations of experience, that a bank can lend many times more dollars than it has recorded on its books. 

The bankers will loan out ten dollars for every dollar they have. The reason they can do this is because very few people ask for their money in cash. 

We go to the bank and borrow a thousand dollars. The banker doesn't count out and give you ten one hundred dollar bills. We are given a little passbook with the figure $1,000 written in it. You write a check that is a down payment on a TV set, then you draw a check for a new set of tires, and so on. The merchants don't take these checks in and get cash; they just deposit these checks in the bank. All the bank does is make bookkeeping entries, changing the money from your account to the merchant's account. All this time the bank hasn't had to pay out any cash. 

Once in awhile, we go to a bank and cash a $25.00 check for pocket money. Remember, one-tenth of the amount the bank has in reserves is enough to take care of these small amounts. Eventually it reaches the point where the bank has loaned out ten dollars for every dollar it has. As you will learn, there is a more sinister entity lurking in the background. 

The bank ought to be able to take a mortgage on your home, which is perfectly good security, and sell it to somebody else. This would give the bank more money to continue functioning as a bank. This is the theory upon which a larger organization, the Federal Reserve System, was organized. But the trouble with theory is the old one, "Figures don't lie but liars do figure". The bankers don't run the banks according to theory. This larger, central organization, is falsely named because it isn't federal at all, it is purely a private banking institution. 

Our congress has given this private banking corporation the absolute power, in its uncontrolled discretion, to create panic and depressions, any time it sees fit, just by cutting off the money supply. The Federal Reserve can shut down any and all activities of the banks. 

As you probably know, most merchants don't have enough money to buy new stock for their business. They finance this new stock through the banks paying interest. Many farmers need a loan each year to tide them over until their crops go to market. 

These farmers have to have bank credit, because of the system we are under. Under the Federal Reserve system, disaster has been brought upon us time and time again. 

Many farmers were financially ruined and small town banks were wiped out in 1921. This was done by the deliberate and knowing action of the Federal Reserve system. The Federal Reserve bankers brought about the great crash of 1929. These are examples of what great power having control of the money supply gives. This is a power which no private man or group of men should possess. This power was given, by our elected congress and senate, to the directors of this private banking institution. 

Now we are getting to the next step, which is the worst of all. Each year our nation and its business should be expanding. Therefore, with more business to be conducted, more money is needed. But when you don't have enough money on which to conduct the present, existing businesses, and the government extorts money from the unfortunate taxpayers, the government is not doing anything to help the situation, they are making things worse. 

The government, not the private bankers, should be issuing more money, to keep up with the expanding needs of the nation's economy. This way the people would benefit, not the private international banksters. With the government issuing the money, there would be no national debt and no need for any kind of an income tax. 

To add insult to injury, the Federal Reserve isn't even owned by Americans, it is owned by the international Jewish bankers. 

Let us now suppose, in order to keep things easier, instead of a 180 billion dollar budget for the following year, as President Johnson wanted, let's call it 100 billion dollars. Then let's suppose the experts in the Department of Commerce figured out that the following year, to keep business humming on a level of prosperity for everybody, there should be 15 billion more dollars in circulation than there was. The government would then issue 15 billion dollars in new money, which the government would then use to pay government expenses with. This would leave only 85 billion dollars to be raised by taxing the people. 

The government, between the new money issued and the taxes received, would get the money it needs. But, instead of us having to pay 100 billion dollars in taxes, we would only have to pay 85 billion dollars, so we taxpayers would have 15 billion dollars of our own money that we wouldn't have otherwise. Part of it could be put into savings, so we wouldn't be paupers and destitute in our old age, depending on government handouts merely to eat. Part of it we could spend for the things we cannot afford now. Spending this money into circulation would create jobs and help the prosperity of the nation. 

This is the way things ought to be, but this is the way it isn't. This is because corrupt men, with corrupt purposes corrupted the law. Nobody has had the courage to challenge this enslavement of our nation, since the Federal Reserve came into being by chicanery. 

I don't have to start in at the beginning and explain to you who the devil's children are, you know this already. One of them that came to the United States in 1902 was Paul M. Warburg a German citizen, a member of the German banking family, which owned the House of M. M. Warburg Company. They are the big German banking firm with headquarters in Hamburg and Amsterdam. They are the chief representatives of the banking firm the House of Rothschild. 

This Jew, who came over here from Germany, never did learn to speak English very well. He came over here to tell us how to run our money system, not for our profit but for his. He succeeded in getting through our congress the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. 

In 1912, with money put up by the members of the Jewish banking firm of Kuhn Loeb and Company, a Marrano Jew calling himself Woodrow Wilson, was elected president of the United States. When Wilson's family lived in Germany and were openly Jewish, they spelled their name Wolfson. When they moved to England, they followed the Jewish custom of changing their name and they became Wohlson. When this family then moved to the United States they changed their name again and became Wilson. 

Like most democratic politicians, Wilson was touted as being a representative of the people and against the great financial interests. Instead Wilson was the banker's hireling, they owned him like you own your dog. He came to heel just as obediently as a dog, and helped these Jewish international bankers get the Federal Reserve Bank Act passed through the congress of the United States. 

First these Jews tried to set up one central bank for the entire country, however we had managed to stop this several times. We fought off a central bank in the early days too. Andrew Jackson succeeded in defeating it once and we stopped it again during the Civil War. Finally these Jews went through the formality of setting up a system of twelve banks, in twelve of the major cities of the United States. The only one that has much money in it is the New York Federal Reserve Bank. So, New York runs our money system and as you know, there are more Jews in New York City than there are in Palestine. 

It was claimed the Federal Reserve Bank would strengthen the banking system and consequently there would be no more bank failures. But the Federal Reserve really wasn't established to help the banking system at all. In fact, there have been more bank failures since we adopted the Federal Reserve System than there had been in all our recorded history before this time. 

Between December of 1913, when the Federal Reserve Act was passed and May of 1929, which was five months before the crash came in October of 1929, under the Federal Reserve system there were 4,500 bank failures in the United States. History records how the banks crashed, on a wholesale scale, under the Roosevelt administration. Franklin D. Roosevelt was another Marrano Jew. 

The Jew bankers set up this Federal Reserve System to obtain the right to issue the money for the United States. There is no more excuse for any banking institution to have the right to issue money than there is for any private institution to take over the entire Defense Department and have the right to determine whether we fight for our liberty, or whether we surrender and let ourselves be butchered. The issuance of money is a government function, pure and simple. Turning this function over to any private organization is totally indefensible. 

Are you wondering what all this has to do with religion and the laws of Yahweh? I intend to teach you the laws of Yahweh that we have violated. I also want you to learn the consequences of violating these laws. 

The Jews are mastermind manipulators. Remember, most of the psychiatrists are Jews and the advertising business is mostly Jewish. They convinced the gullible and the stupid that if the government issues its own money, other than metallic coinage, which was valuable for the gold or silver in it, this would be inflationary. These Jews put on a campaign to convince people of this saying; there would be nothing behind the money as security except the good faith of the government and its taxing power. 

In other words, we might have to turn our paper money into gold or silver. If we wanted to go abroad and buy something, the people abroad might not want to take our paper money if it only has the good faith of the government and its ability to raise money by taxation, as a guarantee that this paper money would be redeemed. These Jews said that banker's money is different, it isn't inflationary because it has security back of it, it has government bonds backing it. 

Let's study this situation a little bit. Let's consider the way it should work under the theory of the Federal Reserve Act. We will see that the people who run the Federal Reserve System don't even live up to their own theory. Let's say the Treasury Department has a billion dollars in U.S. government bonds and the Federal Reserve has a billion dollars in money. Then the Federal Reserve Bank takes the billion dollars in money to the Treasury Department. The Federal Reserve Bank then buys the billion dollars worth of bonds with this freshly printed money. Everything looks even, doesn't it? 

According to the Federal Reserve Act, the Federal Reserve Bank now owns a billion dollars in bonds, on which we now pay interest. This hasn't cost them anything except the cost of printing the money. The government charges the Federal Reserve $1.25 per thousand bills printed. If it is 1,000 one-dollar bills, they pay $1.25. If it is 1,000 one hundred dollar bills the cost for this $100,000.00 is $1.25. What a racket! When a counterfeiter prints money, at least he doesn't charge us interest on it. Then the Federal Reserve pays for the printing with a check on an account, which doesn't even exist. 

Then the Federal Reserve doesn't take the bonds and put them in their vaults, they leave them in the vaults of the Treasury Department as security for the Federal Reserve note money. This is certainly more security than as if our government issued money with the backing of the government, sure it is! 

A government bond has nothing backing it except the good faith of the government and its ability to raise money to pay it off by taxing we poor suckers, the taxpayer. These international Jewish bankers told us, the good faith of the government wasn't good enough to guarantee the value of the government's money. But there is nothing more than this to guarantee the value of the banker's money. Therefore government issued money is no more inflationary than banker issued money. This is one of the reasons President Kennedy was murdered; he had started issuing debt free money, not paying usury to the Jewish bankers. Stay with us, we are just getting started. 

The Federal Reserve now owns these bonds, which cost them nothing, and we are now paying interest on them. Eventually these bonds mature, after the bankers have received untold billions in interest. Then we pay them the face amount of these bonds. 

At this point it sounds as though the Federal Reserve has at least given the U.S. government some cash. Hold on, you are in for another surprise! Some of you may remember the infamous days of the Roosevelt New Deal administration. There was an important man in the New Deal organization named Mariner Eccles. Among other things, he was appointed to be a member of the board of the governors of the Federal Bank system. He knew from the inside what was going on so when he testified, under oath, before a congressional investigating committee, he knew what he was talking about. 

Mr. Eccles testified that the Federal Reserve Bank does not pay money to the federal government to buy the bonds. He testified, "We just create it by an entry in our books." All the Federal Reserve does is make a bookkeeping entry in their ledgers, on pages devoted to the federal government. This drop of ink it takes to write this entry is their total investment in the purchase of billions of dollars of bonds, upon which we pay interest in perpetuity. This happens again and again. 

It is true the government gets to draw checks on this account, just as we would if we borrowed money from the bank and they gave us a passbook with figures written in it. However, the government doesn't take this money out all at once, it takes it out in dribs and drabs. The banks then have the use of this money, most of the year until the government uses it, thus making more interest by lending it out. 

If the bankers lend out the same dollar to ten different people at the same time, which is standard banking practice, then they charge, let's say 6% interest a year; this comes out to 60% per year interest they are making. Stay with me, the story gets even worse. These banksters are even greedier than this, there is worse yet to come. 

The following is the way many business transactions are financed. Let's say you are a merchant and you order a carload of goods from a manufacturer. In some instances you buy on an open account, you don't pay in advance. The manufacturer ships the merchandise to you and sends you a bill. As a general rule, payment within thirty days is regarded as cash and you receive a 2% discount. If you don't pay within thirty days, you pay the full amount. But if you take sixty or ninety days or more, you begin paying interest. 

Perhaps the manufacturer wants his money quicker than this, so you send a signed promissory note or contract to the manufacturer for the amount of your purchase. If the manufacturer endorses it, so he guarantees the payment of it, he can take it to the bank and sell the note to them. 

The banks usually won't pay face value for the note. On a note for $1,000.00 perhaps the bank will pay 85% or 90%. The manufacturer is willing to take a discount in order to get his money right away. Because of this he makes up for this discount by raising his price to you, on the merchandise he sold to you. The bank is getting interest on the full amount of the note even though they didn't pay the face amount. However, the bank isn't taking any chances just on the buyer's solvency, they also have the manufacturer's signature on it, guaranteeing the payment. 

This paper is called a trade acceptance and the banks buy a lot of them. The Federal Reserve law provides that if the Federal Reserve Bank uses U.S. government bonds as security, they get back Federal Reserve notes equal to one hundred cents on the dollar. If they use trade acceptances, they receive Federal Reserve notes equal to not more than ninety cents on the dollar. Maybe these acceptances get paid off and maybe they don't. In the meantime the Federal Reserve Bank is getting back its money, which it loans again, ten times over, at interest. All this time they are drawing interest from the federal government on the bonds that didn't actually cost them anything. 

Just consider the complete control over your entire economic life that the Federal Reserve has. This privately, Jewish owned, corporation can bring your local banking business grinding to a halt anytime it desires. Do you remember reading in the papers a little while back that the directors of the Federal Reserve System thought we were getting a little too prosperous and it was time to slow down the economy? The Federal Reserve then raised the rediscount rate. 

The local banks, in order to keep an adequate money supply available, have to be able to cash in a lot of these mortgages, and notes etc. they have accumulated. The local bank takes these different instruments of debt, to the Federal Reserve Bank and the Federal Reserve Bank buys them, but they charge the banks this discount rate. By raising the discount rate to the point where your bank cannot pay it, and still be able to lend the money to you at a rate you can afford to pay, the Federal Reserve in effect shuts off the supply of money. Without this money the business of the community cannot be conducted. 

The Federal Reserve can absolutely refuse to release any money, but it doesn't have to do this. It can do what it has done sometimes in the past, just raise the discount rate to an impossible figure. 

In 1920 the Federal Reserve bankers decided to break the farmers. During World War I the farmers were encouraged to raise as much wheat as possible and buy more land for this purpose. The government kept telling these farmers it was their patriotic duty to do this. We will show you how money was made easy to borrow to buy land with. The farmers mortgaged the land they already owned, plus the land they were going to buy. To raise the money for this land, they borrowed from their local, small town banks. These banks weren't under the thumb of the Federal Reserve they were independent local banks. 

During World War I the factories had been so busy, and the workers drawing high pay, there was a lot of money put into circulation. Only two times in its existence has the Federal Reserve Bank allowed the supply of money to be expanded so the community could do business. This was during World Wars I and II. Other than these two times, the Federal Reserve has kept the money supply shut down to the point where not money, but credit, with interest due, was the only thing available to do business with. This gave them the strangle hold on our windpipe against which we had no defense. 

The time came when these banksters decided to take back all the money that had been put into circulation. It was time to drive the farmers off the land; furthermore, labor in the cities was getting pretty independent. The unions were getting strong so it was becoming time to break them also. This was accomplished by these desperate farmers, being driven off the land and migrating to the cities looking for work. These displaced farmers were willing to do any work for any wage, they had to feed and take care of their families. 

The Federal Reserve brought on the depression of 1921 by simply shutting off the supply of money for agricultural operations and farm loans. This also drove most of the small town banks out of business, breaking many of them, leaving the banking system of the country largely in the hands of this one big sinister corporation, the Federal Reserve Bank system. 

Why do we have the Federal Reserve banking system at all? We can go back, read the leading magazines from around 1900 on, and read in them exactly what I am telling you now. Some people were worried about the possible outbreak of a large scale war in Europe, because so many nations were maintaining large scale armies and navies. There was bitter trade rivalry between Jew dominated England and Germany. People were afraid it was going to develop into a real shooting war. All the leading economists said this was impossible because the nations of Europe couldn't finance a war. 

In order to get the white Christian nations to kill each other and destroy each other's nations for the benefit of the Jews, and in order to pour billions of dollars into the coffers of the big Jewish banking houses, it was necessary to bring about a war and to find a means of financing it. The European branches of the House of Rothschild were capable of financing one side of such a war, but not both sides. Consequently, these bankers had to mobilize the financial resources of the United States to finance the other side, otherwise there could be no war with huge profits for these Jewish bankers. 

The war was held off until they got the Federal Reserve System set up in this country in 1913, and then they started their war in 1914. The big banking houses affiliated with the House of Rothschild were J.P. Morgan and Kuhn Loeb and Company, among others. These American banking houses bought enormous issues of British and French bonds. They were able to get the money to buy these bonds through the Federal Reserve System. It began to look as though Britain and France would lose the war and be unable to pay off the big Jewish banks on these bonds. There was no way they could get the United States government to pay off French and British bonds except to get the United States into the war. 

Woodrow Wilson (Wohlson) ran for his second term in office on the platform, "He kept us out of war" this was 1916. Wilson had already pledged the international bankers to get us into the war. This was Wilson's definite commitment to the Jewish bankers who put up the money to elect and own him. Yes, this is a characteristic of these democratic saviors of the people. 

Franklin D. Roosevelt promised, "I hate wahr. I promise you, as I have said ovah and ovah again, your sons will nevah be sent ovahseas to fight a foreign wahr." This was when he had already sold us out and had already made the commitment to get us into the war. Do any politicians tell the truth? 

Well, these Jewish bankers got us into the war. We financed the entire Allied side of it and the big Jewish banking houses made a great many billions. Out of the war profits, Jacob Schiff sent some twenty million dollars to the Bolshevik Jews, to finance the communist Jewish revolution in Russia. These Jews discovered they hadn't totally destroyed the Christian powers; they had to have a second world war for this. 

So they got the Second World War started, which almost completed their control. Now they are getting ready for a third world war, to complete the job. This is the octopus, which has this strangle hold upon our financial system. 

In 1913 the Federal Reserve bank was started with 143 million dollars, this is how much the stockholders paid into it. Its assets today are hundreds of billions or maybe even trillions of dollars, and they haven't produced a thing. This all came directly or indirectly out of the suckers, the poor hard working citizens of this country. Now let's take a look at where this has been leading. 

Yahweh promised us we would have prosperity if we would obey His laws. During the last 100 years, the federal tax rate per capita, this includes newborns as well, was $8.49 a year. Today the federal taxes take over 32% of income just for federal taxes. Then there are all the state and local taxes. There is no known instance in history, where any nation survived very long after the total taxes passed the 30% mark. Our federal taxes alone are beyond this percentage. 

If you think your income tax isn't that high, the fact is the income tax is only part of the picture. A large part of the federal tax system consists of excise taxes collected from the manufacturer. These taxes become a part of the price of the goods that are sold. When we buy a loaf of bread, we are paying not only for the cost of wheat and the labor to mill and bake it, we are also paying many other hidden taxes that have been levied on the product. These taxes start from the time the wheat was grown and the labor of milling and baking it, and so on. 

We are paying over fourteen different taxes that have been levied on a loaf of bread, from the time it was grown on the farmer's land, until the time you get it in the store. This doesn't include the extra cost of the taxes the people pay that produce the product. This is what brings the total of federal taxes up to a very high level. These taxes aren't obvious so we don't see them as taxes and therefore we are not conscious of how much in taxes we are really paying. 

We complain about the cost of living going up because of how much the merchant charges for everything he sells. Prices seem to be going up all the time. The merchant raises his prices in order to buy the goods to put on his shelves. The retail merchant has to pay the cost of the goods plus all the accumulated excise taxes that have been levied along the way. Then on top of all this, there are the state and local sales and other taxes to be paid. 

Let's look and see where all of this has been leading us. This pernicious system of conducting practically all business on borrowed money, with interest continually siphoned into the coffers of the banks. This was designed to fleece us for billions of dollars in taxes to pay interest on all this borrowed money. There is no way it can ever be paid off unless the government declares bankruptcy. There is another way; the Federal Reserve banks can be bought back. This would eliminate practically all debt. 

At the end of 1930, the United States public debt was 16 billion; 185 million dollars and this included the unpaid balance of our World War I debt. At the end of 1940, after two terms of Franklin D. Roosevelt being president, plus several years of frantic buying of war materials, the debt had risen to 48 billion, 497 million dollars. The Jews were preparing to get us into World War II, as this would increase our debt and increase the interest paid to them. 

At the end of 1945, after we had paid all of our own expenses plus nearly all the expenses of the Allied side against Germany, the total federal government debt was 259 billion, 115 million dollars. How well the Jews were succeeding in getting us to borrow our own money from them. By the end of 1948, even under Harry Truman, the debt was reduced to 252 billion, 366 million. This would never do to have the debt paid down, so along came the Korean War, excuse me, Korean police action, war was never declared. By the end of this latest war, the national debt was up to 286 billion, 471 million dollars. 

At the end of 1967 the congress set a debt ceiling of 358 billion. However, whenever more money was wanted for whatever reason, congress just raised the debt ceiling. The Federal Reserve isn't the only one that holds U.S. government bonds and gets interest on them but, the Federal Reserve System is the only one that can obtain such bonds for nothing and receive interest. 

Let's look now at the government budget, this is what the federal government pays out. In 1915 the budget was 746 million dollars. This included pretty heavy expenditures that Woodrow Wilson was pushing, getting the country armed and ready to get into World War I. Up to this time the country had never had a billion dollar budget, not even one billion. 

In 1935, in the midst of the Roosevelt spending mania, the budget rose to 6 billion, 497 million. How the banksters loved Roosevelt (Rosenfelt). In 1940 the federal budget was 9 billion, 55 million dollars. This is all of the federal government expenses for everything. This also included Roosevelt's feverish arming, getting ready to get us into World War II. 

This figure of 9 billion, 55 million should stand out in our minds, it was less than 10 billion for the grand total of all federal government expenses, including the building of an enormous army, and navy. I want you to compare this with the fact that last year we paid 13.5 billion just for interest alone. (Now just the interest is well over 200 billion dollars. How well the Jew bankers have done their job.) President Johnson said our total budget, for the year, had to be 186 billion dollars. 

When we fought World War II, to destroy Christian civilization in Europe, we didn't pull our punches; we didn't say anything about not wanting to win this war. We didn't say we just wanted to get the Germans to the bargaining table. When we were fighting Germany, we didn't utter any pious platitudes about not bombing the enemy's factories because they were in cities where people lived and some of these people might get killed. 

The worst things that Hitler was ever accused of doing, and they were lies, weren't half as bad as what we did as a matter of government policy. We talked about the unconditional surrender of Germany as being our only policy. 

Our government deliberately ordered the bombing of residential areas in German cities. There weren't any factories and there weren't any anti aircraft guns or anything else, to make them legitimate targets. In Hamburg and Dresden our bombers turned whole cities into a solid sheet of fire, deliberately burning to death the civilian population of old men, women and children. Dresden had been declared an open city so it was crowded with refugees. It was also one of the great art centers of Europe, comparable to Paris. But now we are too noble to bomb Hanoi, lest perhaps some of the commies get hurt in the process. What is the difference? 

Our government kept the Korean War going year after year, when we had the power to win it in a month. Every general that ever commanded in Korea, when he returned testified before congress he could have won it crushingly, in a brief period, but he wasn't allowed to do so. It wasn't just General MacArthur; everyone who had command in Korea gave the same testimony. Look at the war now going on in Vietnam; it has been going on for years. We are feeding the best youth of the nation into the meat grinder, destroying our best breeding heritage. 

Our own government has officially declared that they see no prospect for ending this war in less than twenty-five years. It isn't just our sons who are going to be murdered by the treachery and betrayal of our own government it is also our grandsons. They won't even have to start a new war to decimate our descendants; the communists will be murdering them in the same old war in Vietnam. We could win this war and no communist would dare speak a word in opposition to winning. We could win this war in three weeks, with the weapons that our country has developed. 

Remember, through Johnson, and through Dean Rusk the government has said, "It is not our policy to win the war in Vietnam". Through our ambassador to the United Nations we said, "We don't want to win the war, we just want to bring them to the bargaining table". For this they are butchering our sons over there, forbidding them to win the war. 

After we told the people of South Vietnam, "We could win this war for you in three weeks, but we are going to be here devastating your land with continuous warfare, having your sons killed with ours, for twenty-five years." Is it any wonder that the South Vietnamese are beginning to say, "We could get better terms than this from the communists.” 

Let's go back to the Federal Reserve System again. We spent more money on the Korean War, year for year, than we did on World War II. We spent more money on the Vietnam War, year for year, than we did on World War II. How we are managing to spend all this money, without getting any results, is one of the unexplained mysteries of the age. Our soldiers don't even have enough ammunition and other necessary equipment. 

Our government leaders have explained to us that because we don't have bombs enough to load the airplanes with a full load, we have to send them out with only quarter loads. Therefore every pilot has to fly through anti-aircraft fire four times, in order to deliver the equivalent of one normal load of bombs. 

Our government is stripping the defense materials we have in Europe, supposedly for their defense. We have pretty much stripped Europe of helicopters, to send them to Vietnam, because Mr. McNamara saw to it we didn't have enough. We ran out of bombs so we had to go to Europe to get more of these also. 

We have heard of the troubles we have had getting just basic equipment for our troops in Vietnam. We have heard about our soldiers in Vietnam writing home in desperation, asking parents and friends here to buy them cleaning rods for their rifles, and mail it to them, because the government didn't have any to issue to them. Oh yes, that is Mr. McNamara's triumph. As President Roosevelt used to say, "We planned it that way". Nothing happens by accident. 

However, somehow the money got spent and nobody knows where the money went. Because we were spending so much more money than taxation could provide, we had to keep issuing bonds and asking the Federal Reserve System to buy them, then we gave the Federal Reserve system the money to buy them with. We won't be selling so many bonds, or rather; we won't be giving so many bonds to the Federal Reserve Bank when the war ends. Can you add two and two together and arrive at some number that is a little short of eleven as the proper total? This is what happens when we turn our backs on Yahweh. 

The laws of Yahweh are natural laws, as much so as the law of gravity and they are every bit as self enforcing. If you jump out of an eighth story window, you do not violate the law of gravity, you obey it. You come down, but you obey the law of gravity the hard way and you pay the penalty. If you ride down the elevator, you obey the law of gravity the easy way and get the benefit. Every law of Yahweh's, His economic laws, dietary laws and all the others, are just as much natural laws as the law of gravity. If you violate these laws they enforce themselves with the same bitter penalty. 

The wages of sin are death. Our sons are dying over there in the mud of Vietnam, because here in this country we allow the laws of Yahweh to be violated. Remember, Yahweh said that if you obey His laws, five of us will chase a hundred of the enemy, and a hundred of us shall put ten thousand to flight. We would win our wars crushingly, with no loss to ourselves. 

Yahweh also said, "You are my battle axe and weapons of war, for with thee will I overthrow nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms." This means that we have a job to do. We have a choice; either do this job in obedience to Yahweh's laws and do it with little monetary cost and very little loss of life. Or we do the job in a way that violates Yahweh's laws and pay the heavy, bitter penalty, and you have to do the job anyway. 

You know what the Jews want to do to Christian civilization, I don't have to give an hour's sermon on that subject, and you should know these facts by now. We have allowed these Jews to get this power over us. Yahweh warned us never to let a Jew live in our land. I will say this for Hitler, if he did what he is accused of doing; he wasn't doing anything wrong at all. He was obeying the laws of Yahweh when he started cleaning these blood-sucking parasites out of Germany. 

Do you know why we got into World War II against Germany? It wasn't because of fictitious atrocities, those were used as a propaganda justification for our involvement later. Hitler didn't have any Jews in concentration camps until after the war had started. He had allowed the Jews who wished to leave, to get out. After the war had started, Hitler rounded up these communist Jews and put them in concentration camps. 

If this was so terrible that Hitler put his enemies in concentration camps, what did we do the Japanese in California and to many Germans all over the United States, after we got into the war? We did the same thing it is only common sense. 

All during this time, some of the Jews were running around loose in Germany, the rest were leaving the country. They were trying to decide whether they were going to later charge that Hitler killed ten times as many Jews as there were in all of Europe or just ten times as many Jews as there were in Germany. The Jews were getting us into World War II and Roosevelt had given his pledge to them that we would enter it on the side of the Allies. 

The only reason the Jews hated Hitler was because he saw what the Jewish economic and banking systems had done to Germany. He was determined to break the Jewish power, so they had to get rid of him. At this time, the communist Jews had control of approximately 50% of Germany. 

Germany is a nation, which, like England, does not have within its own borders all the things it needs in the way of raw materials. Germany has to import raw materials, and to buy them, they have to export some of their finished products. This is the same thing Britain has been doing for a century and a half, and Germany had to do the same thing to survive. 

As a means of strangling Germany and destroying her economically, the Jews started a worldwide boycott of German products. As you must be aware of by now, the Jews control the commerce in all the nations of the world. This boycott was a declaration of war, as Samuel Untermeyer said himself. The Jews declared a holy war against Germany. Organized Jewry conducted this war here in the United States, against Germany, several years before the actual war started in Europe. 

Hitler was starting to put into operation some of the laws of Yahweh and he was proving that, in spite of this Jewish boycott, Germany could become prosperous, by going back to the economic laws of Yahweh. The Jews couldn't let this happen because other nations might follow his example and break the Jews strangle hold on the economic and banking systems of the world. 

Against all the efforts of the devil's children the Jews, to strangle and destroy her, Germany was becoming prosperous by going back to the economic laws of Yahweh. This had to be stopped, no matter how many Christians were butchered in accomplishing this goal. This is why World War II was started and why we were dragged into it. 

Woodrow Wilson, sometime in 1919, testified before a congressional committee that the cause of World War I was economic rivalry. We were told it was because of those phony atrocities that Germans were supposed to have committed. Then the congress asked Wilson, "Do you believe, if Germany had never committed any atrocities, nor anything that we could call an act of war against us, that we would have gone to war against Germany anyway?" Wilson's reply was, "Yes, I do believe so." 

If Franklin Roosevelt had ever spoken a truthful word in his life, he could have testified to the same thing about World War II. 

What should we have done? The taking of interest, which in the King James Bible is call usury, is forbidden in the Bible. Today just about any interest rate is accepted. Pawnbroker’s charge 42% and more, you know who they generally are. The meaning of the word usury is anything paid for the use of something, which has been loaned. If it is a billionth of one percent per century, it is still usury. One cent compounded yearly at 6%, at the time of Christ, would be more than all the money that is in the world today. 

Exodus 22:25 warns us, "If thou lend money to any of my people that is poor by thee, thou shalt not be to him an usurer, neither shalt thou lay upon him usury." Leviticus 25:35-37 reminds us, "And if thy brother be waxen poor, and fallen in decay with thee; then thou shalt relieve him: yea, though he be a stranger, or a sojourner; that he may live with thee. Take thou no usury of him, or increase: but fear thy God; that thy brother may live with thee. Thou shalt not give him thy money upon usury, nor lend him thy victuals for increase." It didn't matter whether you loaned him the food to eat or the money to buy it, you could make no charge for the loan. 

These economic laws were for one Israelite dealing with another. It wasn't the intention of Yahweh for all the other races that hate us, to come in and enrich themselves at our expense, by borrowing from us and paying nothing for it. Deuteronomy 23:19-20 tells us, "Thou shalt not lend upon usury of victuals, usury of anything that is lent up usury: unto a stranger (here the word is nokriy, an alien of another race) thou mayest lend upon usury but unto thy brother thou shalt not lend upon usury...." 

We admittedly have a U.S. public debt of around 358 billion dollars. (How far we have fallen). Since this was written our debt has now increased to about 5 trillion dollars. There are some estimates that the real debt may be as high as 17 trillion dollars. This debt fluctuates a little above and a little below this amount. But this isn't all of the U.S. public debt; this is only the bonded part of it. We aren't talking about the state bond issues and the irrigation district bond issues and the rest of the bond issues, we are talking just about the federal government debt. 

There is a vast hoard of federal government civil service employees who have the right to retire after awhile, upon their civil service pension. A certain amount of this is deducted from their wages while they work; the U.S. government has a part they contribute also. The government has promised that when these workers retire, they will receive a pension from the federal government for the rest of their lives. The money the federal government is going to have to put in, to pay that pension, is a government debt just as truly as a debt for which they issue a bond. 

The same thing is true of the military retirement pensions. Then with Social Security, the government must also pay a heavy share of what the person on Social Security is going to receive during the rest of his life. When we add the money for these retirement pensions etc., to the recognized debt of the U.S. bonds and notes, we get a total federal debt of a trillion dollars or more. This is obviously unpayable. (I wonder what Mr. Comparet would think of our present day debt.) 

When this all comes due and we can't pay it, what is going to happen to our economic system? Remember why Yahweh warned us not to get into this trap in the first place, and then He said to come out of this Babylonian system, lest ye be partaker of her sins and ye receive her plagues. We think we are smarter than Yahweh, we aren't, and we are just greedy that's all. 

The only thing that gets a mouse into a trap to get caught, is his greed to get that piece of cheese the trap is baited with. We aren't a bit smarter than a mouse; it is one of those traits we inherited from Adam. 

Under the laws of Yahweh, the burden of unpayable debts had to be relieved. If you borrow anything, you were under a moral obligation to do everything you reasonably could to pay it off. It wasn't simply a means whereby you could fleece your creditors. There would be, for many people, a situation where the debt had become unpayable. Things hadn't worked out well and the debtor couldn't pay off the debt. Every seventh year the burden of unpayable debt was to be released. 

Deuteronomy 15:1-3 tells us, "At the end of every seven years thou shalt make a release. And this is the manner of the release: Every creditor that lendeth ought unto his neighbor shall release it; he shall not exact it of his neighbor, or of his brother; because it is called Yahweh's release. Of a foreigner (nokriy, alien) thou mayest exact it again: but that which is thine with thy brother thine hand shall release." 

Yahweh promised, "If you will do this, I will give you such prosperity that you will be better off, having canceled the debt, than you would have been had you required payment of it." 

We haven't been willing to follow this law voluntarily but you will involuntarily obey the laws of Yahweh while you pay the penalty, if you refuse to obey it voluntarily and receive the benefit. An unpayable debt can be canceled involuntarily. Your debtor may go through bankruptcy in federal court and get his release this way. The debtor is broke anyway and there is no point in throwing away good money after bad in a lawsuit, when he has no assets, which you could seize and convert into cash. 

Time passes until the statute of limitation wipes out the debt, and thereafter you can't sue him because the time is up. So, his debt is canceled just as effectively as it would have been by bankruptcy. 

A while back, whenever the bankers precipitated a disaster by calling in the money supply, shutting off credit, we used to call it a panic. Then after these bankers got us organized, so it was to be perpetual, as you can't stay in a panic for an entire generation or more, they changed the name to a depression, but it is the same thing. 

I haven't bothered to trace these panics or depressions back a few thousand years but let's go back as far as any of the oldest of us can remember. Note the timing, 1893, 1900, and 1907. The next panic was due in 1914 and disastrous symptoms of this impending panic were showing up in 1913. 1914 had been set as the year for the next Jewish instigated war. They had to keep from getting us into a disaster, if they were going to finance the war that was to destroy Christian civilization. 

So selling war supplies to the British, at highly inflated prices, staved off the panic that was due in 1914. This provided huge profits to the big Jewish owned corporations. They were able to pay high wages to the men who worked in those war plants and we had a phony prosperity. You know how rich you can get, killing people and destroying cities. 

Still keeping the seven-year rhythm, the next panic was due in 1921 and it came on schedule. Incidentally, the Federal Reserve Bank brought it on. The next panic was due in 1928 and it had already hit Europe in 1928, but in this country we kidded ourselves out of it until 1929. We were already having trouble, unemployment was at a high rate and all the danger signals were out. But, look at all the corporation stocks we had bought, paying five times as much as they were worth. Surely there would be some sucker around to buy them from us for ten times what they were worth. We were getting rich, weren't we? Then the crash came and we weren't getting rich at all, all of a sudden we were poor. 

1935 was the next time a depression was due, on the seven-year cycle. In the midst of the Roosevelt depression, there was an even lower spot in 1935. Then 1942 was the next time a panic was due. Remember, the Jews had to keep us prosperous so we could complete the destruction of Christian civilization. They wanted to make certain that the laws of Yahweh would never be put into effect by any nation, to provide an example for the world to follow, the way Germany was doing. We then got an artificial prosperity. Remember how rich we got, by issuing all those bonds to the Jews who didn't have to pay for them anyway? Or did we really get rich? Now we have to pay for those bonds out of our hard earned money. 

A depression was due again in 1949, and we had a low spot then the same thing happened in 1956 and then in 1963. And it continues. 

Do the laws of Yahweh work or don't they? Isn't it just possible that the Creator of the universe and everything in it, knows what His own laws will do? Isn't it time we got wise to this and started following these laws? It is high time we obeyed these monetary and other laws, now that we see what is happening to Babylon's money. There isn't any government money from the size of a dollar and up, all this money is borrowed into circulation. The only money our government now produces is the coinage. Even making pennies out of copper is now too expensive, so they are only copper on the outside. There is no money put into circulation today that has any intrinsic value and the majority of it is borrowed into circulation. 

No nation in history has been able to debase their money and escape the consequences. The money becomes worth less and les, this is called inflation. 

We can't get a paper dollar that is anything except Babylon's money, the Federal Reserve note. There isn't any paper government money it is bank money. There is no way the "borrowed" money can ever be repaid. For example, if there is one billion dollars borrowed into circulation and we have to pay 6% interest, where does the interest come from, more borrowed money? 

When more money is needed for the economy to function, the government cannot issue it. The government goes in debt to the Federal Reserve and the Federal Reserve issues the money for their own profit. Any time these Jews want to pull the plug on this scam, our economy will go down the drain. All they have to do is tighten the money supply. They know this and it will be part of the general attack. They will use this just before they spring the military attack on us. 

In 1998 all the top people in our defense department and foreign relations are all Jews. The degenerate President Clinton has appointed more Jews than any other president in history. 

With financial disaster comes the closing of the factories and the throwing into the streets millions of unemployed people. These people can be led into riots and revolution, like the Negroes. These Jewish bankers can tell us to finance our own defense because we are broke and in a depression. 

First these banksters took all our gold, now they have also taken our silver. They have left us with worthless paper and they will laugh at us. We will be told our paper money is nothing but worthless IOUs of a private banking corporation. We don't have anything to pay you with except more paper IOUs, what are you going to spend them on? Who will accept this worthless paper? It will be just like Germany when it took a bushel basket full of money just to buy a loaf of bread. 

Then these Jewish bankers will gloat that they have all our gold and silver. This is the real money with intrinsic value. 

Ezekiel 7:19 promises, "They shall cast their silver in the streets and their gold shall be removed: their silver and their gold shall not be able to deliver them to the day of the wrath of Yahweh: they shall not satisfy their souls, neither fill their bowels: because it is the stumbling block of their iniquity." 

James 5:3 says, "Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you..." Something that is kept in use is not the thing that rusts. It is the thing that is set away and idle that rusts out. These Canaanite banksters are taking the gold and silver away, so it can't be used as our money. Instead they are going to use this silver and gold to destroy us. Yahweh warns us in James 5:3, "The rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire. Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days." 

Yes, the Bible reveals that these children of the devil are coming to their final doom, for having done this to us. However, you must remember that as long as we are in the same boat with them, the process of sinking that boat is going to be rough on us also. Isn't it about time we came out of the Babylonian system? We can't get out of any of this trouble until we get out of the system of Babylon's money.