Destiny Is On Our Side

This sermon had been taken from Your Heritage, and prepared into a PDF file by Clifton A. Emahiser’s Watchman Teaching Ministries with added critical notes.

by Bertrand L. Comparet

Today the world faces its greatest crisis, almost half the human race has been enslaved by the vilest tyranny in all of history. The other half is in a panic, too fearful to make any defense, hoping only for a change of heart on the part of satanic communism. What folly! In this dark hour, what should our attitude be? Should we also cringe in cowardice before the forces of evil, should we continue to betray every friendly nation that trusts us? We have already betrayed Finland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, East Germany, Romania, Bulgaria, Korea and the unhappy people of Cuba. Should we expect to gain peace and safety through dishonor? Let us look at our own history for the answer.

We talk of crisis now, we were born in crisis! Our forefathers founded this nation as a dozen tiny villages along the whole Atlantic coast. They faced the crisis of how to survive a bitter winter without enough food on hand. There was the crisis of having to learn how to live in a strange land, under conditions none of them had faced before. They faced a long series of Indian wars more bitter and cruel than any in our day. Do we fear the atom bomb today? What bomb can kill you any more dead than the Indian’s tomahawks and knives? The Reds outnumber us today. The Indians outnumbered our ancestors 100 to 1 and their raids threatened the life of every man, woman and child in every settlement.

What did these ancestors of ours do? Did they compromise moral principle for doubtful expediency, did they yield one inch of white man’s ground to the enemy? Never! They sometimes lost a battle, but they always recovered what they had settled. If they had been the kind of men that all too many of their descendants are today, we would all now be peasants, grubbing a poor living out of the fields of Europe.

How did we grow from these few hundreds to over 250,000,000 people occupying half a continent? How did our wealth grow from not enough to eat for 50 people, to over one trillion dollars income per year? How did our power grow from a dozen villages fighting for their lives, to might enough to dominate the world? If only we had the moral courage to use it. Was it by accident or luck? No! It was by the hand of Yahweh, because we are a Christian nation! The Bible says so in Genesis 35:11, Yahweh promised our ancestors 3,500 years ago, we would become a nation and a company of nations.

We have received this promise, the same people who settled this great nation also make up all the nations of western and middle Europe. In Genesis 26:4, Yahweh promised we should become as numerous as the stars of heaven. We have passed the 250,000,000 mark and are increasing ever faster. Yahweh promised in Jeremiah 31:35-36 we would be a nation as long as the sun, moon and stars exist. If we remain faithful to Yahshua our Redeemer, no man can overthrow us.

In Isaiah 54:3 Yahweh also said that we shall, “Inherit the nations and make the desolate places to be inhabited.” We did it! Compare our once desolate southwestern states with similar lands of other nations. Compare British Africa with the Congo, Ethiopia and Egypt. Compare our development of these lands with the blight other nations have brought in their search for plunder. (And they call us exploiters!) Yahweh said in Genesis 22:17, 24:60, we shall possess the gates of our enemies, which are the great waterways of the world. Our fleets, with those of our brother Britain, have commanded and closed to our enemies all the great waterways of the world, in two world wars. Yes, there were battles in some places, but when the smoke cleared away, who had command?

Shall we cringe in fear before the Red legions of hell, do they threaten us with terrible new weapons? So what! Yahweh has promised us in Jeremiah 51:20, “Thou are My battle axe and weapons of war: for with thee will I break in pieces the nations, and with thee will I destroy kingdoms.” Which side is doomed? In Isaiah 54:15-17 Yahweh has promised us, “Behold, they shall surely gather together, but not by Me: whosoever shall gather together against thee shall fail, for thy sake. No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper: and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of Yahweh and their righteousness is of Me, saith Yahweh.”

Yahweh’s word never fails. Then what are we waiting for, is the time desperate? This is the time to be strong and fearless. Remember the prophet Elijah, in his time the nation had fallen into a terrible state, King Ahab and Queen Jezebel ruled the land. Jezebel had brought in 450 priests of Baal, like the evil aliens who swarm among us from the infamous New Deal administrations. All true patriots were the target for smear and terror. Elijah thought he stood alone, he told Yahweh, “They have killed all thy prophets; I alone am left and they seek my life.” Yahweh replied, “I have left 7,000 men who have not bent the knee to Baal.” Not many in a whole nation but it was enough!

What did Elijah do, did he keep quiet, dodge the issue avoiding anything controversial? No, he started to liberate his nation for Yahweh, so Yahweh was with him and he succeeded. He cleansed the land. Yahweh took him up into heaven but Yahweh also promised to send His spirit back to strengthen us in this day. When Elijah was gone, the prophet Elisha asked, “Where is the God of Elijah?” I tell you that today the question is, where are the Elijahs of Yahweh?

We need Elijahs, Elijah had courage and fought corruption in high places. He fearlessly gave warning that evil always brings disaster, he wasn’t afraid of being smeared. He didn’t think that we needed unity with evil. Elijah didn’t pussyfoot and use mealy mouthed evasions to avoid offending the weak and the cowardly!

Today, you and I can be Elijahs! We too, can arouse the 7,000 men who have not surrendered to evil. We can cleanse our land and restore it to its rightful place in the world. The Bible tells us what to do in Isaiah 58:1, “Cry aloud; spare not; lift up thy voice like a trumpet and show My people their transgression.” Show them how far the fuzzy minded and fellow travelers have led us on the road to destruction. Point out the way back to the form of government created by Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Bring back the real America we all knew and loved and still love enough to fight for it!

Dangerous, so what! The only alternatives are hopeless dishonor, slavery and death. Trying to play it safe, but compromising with evil, never brought anything but total disaster. Remember Yahshua’s warning in Matthew 16:25-26 “For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; and whosoever will lose his life for My sake shall find it. For what is a man profited if he shall gain the whole world and lose his own soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?”

If you surrender now, you will lose both your life and your soul. Wake up and fight!! Psalm 118:6-7 tells us, “Yahweh is on my side; I will not fear: what can men do unto me? Yahweh taketh my part with them that help me: therefore shall I see my desire upon them that hate me.” In Philippians 1:28 we are told, “Never be scared for a second by your opponents: your fearlessness is a clear omen of ruin for them, and of your own salvation at the hands of Yahweh.”

Now is the time to forget timidity, rise up in honest wrath! No longer put up with cowards and traitors in high positions of power in our government. Strengthen the hands of the real Americans in Washington, D.C.. Lift up your voices like a trumpet everywhere, do it in your clubs, churches and over the backyard fences, everywhere. Arouse your cousins, nephews, friends and neighbors. Those who have not bent the knee to Baal are still enough!


Critical note by Clifton A. Emahiser: While Bertrand L. Comparet gives a very good presentation here, there are a couple of flies in the ointment. First of all, why should we be concerned about the friendship of Cuba or Korea? Before we start making friends with anyone it is paramount we know their genetic origin.

In the book OUR CROWD by Stephen Birmingham, ch. 3, under the title “Mount Beautiful”, pages 29-30, I will paraphrase the story: Early in the year 1654 a ship (“bark”, 3 masted sailing ship named the St. Charles, dubbed the “Jewish Mayflower”)brought twenty-three Sephardic Jews from the culture of medieval Spain and some of the great Sephardic families of New York today descend from the “St. Charles” arrivals which included the Hendrickses, Cardozos, Baruchs, Lazaruses, Nathans, Solises, Gomezes, Lopezes, Lindos, Lombrosos & Seixases. In particular, please notice the names Gomez and Lopez. How many mexicans do you know by those names? The name Cardoz may also be a variation by which mexicans are named today. From this it should be quite obvious that the mexicans have absorbed the blood of Cain.

Once I observed the similarity of the Sephardic-jew and mexican names, I researched to find out how many other names the Sephardic-jews and mexicans had in common. The following is a list:

The Sephardic-jews generally bear Portuguese or Spanish first names such as: Abravanel, Adatto, Afanador, Aguilar, Aleqria, Alvarez, Amada, Amado, Andrade, Angel, Angela, Anmgeles, Armijo, Avila, Ayala, Banegas, Barrios, Behar, Belmonte, Benegas, Bengoa, Benveniste, Bensaúde, Bienvenida, Blanco, Bueno, Calderón, Campos, Cano, Cara, Carbajal, Caraballo, Carballo, Cardenas, Cardoso, Cardoze, Cardozo, Castro, Chaves, Cimfa, Clemente, Comprado, Consuela, Cordova, Coronel, Cruz, Curiel, De Leon, De Pinna, Delgado, Delvalle, Diaz, Diosdado, Dolza, Dominguez, Duarte, Duran, Edery, Enriquez, Esperanza, Espinosa, Espinoza, Estimada, Estrella, Fajardo, Fermosa, Fernández, Fidanque, Fonseca, Flores, Galacia, Gomez, Gonzales, Gracia, Guerreiro, Gutierrez, Harari, Herandez, Hernandez, Henríquez, Herrera, Huete, Iago, Jacome, Jimenez, Josué, Juarez, Lafitte, Laredo, Leon, Levi/Levy, Lopez, Luna, Lunca, Maduro, Marquez, Morales, Moreno, Munoz, Lima, Lindo, Lisbona, Lombroso, Lopes, Louppes, Lozano, Macias, Medina, Maduro, Matamoros, Matos, Matamujeres, Medina, Mena, Mendes, Menezes, Mercado, Montano, Montes, Montijo, Montoya, Monzon, Niña, Nunes, Nunez, Oliveira, Osorio, Ortega Ortiz, Pacheco, Palomba, Pardo, Paredes, Pena, Penedo, Pereira, Peres, Perez, Peretz, Pinto, Prado, Preciosa, Ramirez, Rizzolo, Rivera, Rocamora, Rodriquez, Rofé, Rojas, Romero, Rosales, Rubin, Ruiz, Saavedra, Sabbá, Saenz, Salvador, Salas, Sanchez, Sandoval, Santiago, Sarabia, Sasso, Sasson, Sol, Soriano, Sousa, Suasso, Tavares, Tejeda, Tellez, Toledano, Torres, Tarragona, Toro, Touro, Valencia, Velasquez, Ventura, Viana, Vidal, Zafiro, Zapatero, Zaporta, and Zebede.

It is evident that when Ferdinand and Isabella expelled the Canaanite-jews from Spain in 1492, that Mexico and Central America were some of the places to where they fled. And since there is a Castro-jew running Cuba, it would not be to our benefit to cater to their whims! It is also evident from these Sephardic-jewish names that nearly all of the population of Mexico, Central America and the West Indies have absorbed the blood of the Canaanite-jews! How could the 700 Indian tribes in Central America have acquired these Sephardic-jewish names had they not race-mixed with them?