That's Controversial

This sermon had been taken from Your Heritage, and prepared into a PDF file by Clifton A. Emahiser’s Watchman Teaching Ministries with added critical notes.

by Bertrand L. Comparet

Never before in the history of our race has such a spirit of timidity and of abject fear of offending anyone, taken hold of almost everybody. Go where you will, into the homes, offices, public dinners, public forums and you still find this idea that certain subjects are taboo. They cannot be mentioned because they are controversial. Oddly enough, only vitally important matters are controversial. Why are you forbidden to freely speak your views on the important subjects of social, economic, political and religious life today?

Well, you really aren’t forbidden to, unless you happen to be on the side of good Americanism, conservatism or Christianity. You constantly find that those who hate our God are free to speak their minds at all times. They can denounce your religion, even demand that the forces of law be turned against it, to outlaw religion in the schools and all public places. If you say a word in protest, you are at once denounced as a religious bigot and reminded that there is freedom of religion, for everybody except you.

Those who hate everything that has made our nation great, who hate all that has brought us the highest living standard the world has ever known, want to replace it with that front porch of communism, socialism. These people have almost monopolized our schools and have taken over the Republican and Democratic branches of our two political parties. They can and do speak against our way of life on every possible occasion. Oppose them with a word and you are at once reminded of our sacred right of free speech. But, you have no such right for you are called a reactionary for opposing them.

Those who hate our free nation, to which most of them very recently came as refugees, want to destroy its freedom by making it a conquered province of the United Nations ruled by the cannibals of the Congo. The jungle savage nations of Africa alone outvote us 30-1. They are free to undermine and attack our nation at all times and in every way. If you speak in opposition to this, you are called Fascist and hate monger. It has actually reached the point where anyone who upholds the political and social views of such great Americans as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt or Herbert Hoover, is described by most of our newspaper columnists and radio and TV commentators as being extreme right-wing, often coupled with an insinuation of Fascist or Nazi sympathies.

Why is it that their always offensive attacks upon all American and Christian principles are sacrosanct, while all your defense of the principles of this free nation, our way of life and our religion has suddenly become controversial and hence to be avoided? It is because the truth has always been controversial and what makes it controversial? Only the fact that evil always attacks it and also attacks the man who speaks the truth.

Christianity is controversial because all the satanic wickedness in 2,000 years has been hurled against it. The most controversial figure in all history is the One who is the very personification of truth, Yahshua. He never fled from controversy, nor kept silent to avoid offending the wicked. To the contrary, He pressed the attack against evil. Today, those who are not able to silence truth completely, try to cut it down to the point where it is no longer effective. They tell us that we must speak only of issues, we must not mention personalities. You can’t fight evil this way, because there is no evil in the abstract, it exists only in the evil deeds of evil persons.

What good can it do to sermonize against wickedness in the abstract, to merely shadowbox with the dictionary? There can’t be a burglary without a burglar and no treason without a traitor. Point the searchlight of truth at the traitors and you can eliminate them so the treason must stop. If you only debate the silly questions whether treason is one of the inherent rights of all liberals, the traitors will work on without hindrance.

These truths Yahshua knew and demonstrated. The beginning of His ministry was when He found the temple filled with the corruption of the money changers. Did He preach abstract sermons on the desirability of honesty and reverence for the house of Yahweh, without mentioning the dishonest or the irreverent? No indeed, He made a whip of ropes and flogged those crooks out of the temple. He found the temple and all the organized religion of the day in the hands of the Pharisees. They were men of much outward piety, but spiritual frauds. Did He content Himself with preaching on religion in the abstract, without giving offense to the Pharisees? Oh no, the Bible records nine times Yahshua denounced the Pharisees as hypocrites, six times as blind and fools, once He identified them as serpents, a race of vipers. He told them that even the tax collectors and the harlots would enter the kingdom of Yahweh before they could. He knew that false ideas cannot arise or exist without someone to teach the falsehoods, so He exposed them.

Of course this brought on Him the bitterest hatred ever directed against any person in all of history, hatred which is as strong today as on the day of the crucifixion. We Christians are also hated for our religion. Christianity grew great and strong despite its enemies and produced its greatest leaders under the stress of persecution. It was always greatest when it was controversial. Yahshua saw this and in Matthew 10:32-34 told us, “Whosoever, therefore shall confess Me before men, him will I also confess before My Father which is in heaven. But whosoever shall deny Me before men, him will I also deny before My Father which is in heaven. Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came not to send peace, but a sword.” You cannot proclaim truth without opposition or water it down until evil no longer attacks you and you have no truth left. The only thing that can peacefully coexist with evil is some other evil.

Then what should we do? Good can only be controversial if the wicked attack it. Turn the tables on them, make their attacks on Americanism and Christianity controversial. Get them on the run, learn the weak points of their principles and attack! Many of us are doing this very successfully. Defend your own views when needed, but don’t limit yourself to the defensive, carry the war to the enemy. Their propaganda has had the field almost entirely to itself and has brainwashed millions of people. Refute the lies they have foisted upon us. Never let such propaganda be spoken in your presence without a reply. Of course you must know what you are talking about, so you won’t lose the argument. Make lists of the failures of socialism and keep one always with you for reference when the subject comes up.

Learn the details of the various death traps to liberty and civilization which are hidden in the United Nations and its various conventions. Never lose an opportunity to point them out. Make it so controversial for any anti American, any anti Christian to spout their attacks that those who fear controversy will no longer give the enemy free rein to start it.

Don’t be afraid of controversy, the enemies of all truth and all good, will always attack every time they can. You have just two choices, either cowardly surrender while evil triumphs, or else vigorously counterattack to drive the wicked out of all places of advantage. Yahshua warned you that Christianity must fight to survive, the victories of past generations must not be lost today. Onward Christian Soldiers! If the wicked want to make good controversy, let it be at their own peril. We should be proud of what Yahweh and our ancestors have done for us. Speak up! Teach the principles of our religion and our civilization to your poor brainwashed children who are now being taught socialism and agnosticism in many high schools and most colleges. We didn’t receive our fine heritage from cowards, neither can cowards preserve it. You should be the one taking the initiative, making the enemy retreat. If that’s controversial, make the most of it.

Critical note by Clifton A. Emahiser: Comparet’s best remarks from this thesis are: “Those who hate our free nation, to which most of them very recently came as refugees, want to destroy its freedom by making it a conquered province of the United Nations ruled by the cannibals of the Congo. The jungle savage nations of Africa alone outvote us 30-1.” and “Christianity is controversial because all the satanic wickedness in 2,000 years has been hurled against it. The most controversial figure in all history is the One who is the very personification of truth, Yahshua.” As of 2007 Comparet, because of his death in 1983, has not witnessed just how far our common enemy has advanced in the direction to which he refers in this lesson. Today our enemy calls all this being “politically incorrect”.